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MSD Spark Plugs

    The MSD Iridium Spark Plug is available for a wide range of engines, applications and heat ranges


    • Designed to outlast other performance plugs on the track or on the street
    • Unique insulator design improves spark isolation
    • Superior design for high performance engines
    • Iridium - 40% higher melting point than nickel plugs
    • Lower voltage Requirements for longer coil life

    MSD Spark Plugs are durable enough to withstand the rigors of performance operation using high output ignitions.

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    1. Yttrium ground electrode alloy reduces electrical wear while a center cut ground electrode ensures un-shrouded spark for improved combustion.
    2. Iridium contact on the center electrode insures long life with high output ignitions.
    3. The space between the center electrode and insulated tip enables a fast evaporation of fuel preventing formation of soft combustable deposits on the insulator tip.
    4. Ground electrode with center copper core reduces temperature and increases mileage intervals.
    5. Copper core center electrode reduces operating temperature promoting long life and reducing the possibility of detonation.
    6. Low resistance seal suppresses EMI (electro magnetic interference)
    7. Zinc-Nickel Chromated shell resists corrosion and seizure.
    8. Proprietary ceramic improves dielectric strength, eliminating failure with high output ignitions.
    9. Fixed Terminal Nut for solid connection.


    • Proprietary plug design inside and out
    • Designed for use on high performance vehicles that utilize high output ignition systems
    • Machined electrode increases exposure to the flame to improve combustion
    • MSD’s proprietary ceramic formula provides the highest dielectric strength
    • Yttrium ground electrode reduces the chance of pre-ignition
    • Iridium tip improves cold starts
    • All spark plugs tested prior to packaging and shipping
    • Shorty-style plugs for applications where space is limited

    With over four decades of experience in engineering and manufacturing high output ignition systems, MSD Performance is excited to present our new High Performance Iridium spark plugs! Whether you’re on the street, trail or track, MSD has a performance plug that will fire up your engine.

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